Flight Experiences

We offer various flight experience packages to open up a new world to you, whereby you can see the true beauty of the North Wales picturesque landscape from the sky. Our excellent flight instructors will create an unforgettable experience in arguably one of the best light aircrafts ever designed in terms of visibility.


Maybe it’s a lifetime ambition, perhaps a desire for a new challenge or a discerning choice of a leisure activity that is truly different. Whatever your reason, why not let Snowdonia Flight School put you in the pilot’s seat?

We offer flight training using arguably the best aircraft to train on. Our extensively equipped DR400’s which are in excellent condition are delightful aircraft to train on in terms of handling, comfort and outstanding visibility. Flying in these aircraft will add to your training experience.

Our CAA certified flying instructors offer:

  • PPL
  • LAPL
  • TailWheel Difference Training
  • Aerobatics
  • Instrument Rating (IR)

Together with all Ground School tuition and examinations.

For aircraft rental and hour building please contact the flight school to discuss options.

Learn to fly with Snowdonia Flight School


Stephen Evans – Full Time LAPL Instructor and Ground Examiner

Stephen has been an executive of a number of companies over several years and has established Snowdonia Flight School Ltd based at Llanbedr Airfield. Stephen started flying in the late 1990s and has experience of several different aircraft type. Stephen has also instructed at Conington as part of the British Aerobatic Academy and at Henlow Flying Club.

Richard Jowitt – Part Time PPL & IRR Instructor

Richard has been flying for thirty six years, having trained with the Royal Air Force in the 1980s, he then worked as an instructor at Biggin Hill, before a career with the airlines including Dan Air, Jersey European Airways, Air France, and GB Airways. Richard has more than 12000 flying hours and has flown classic types such as the HS748, BAC One-Eleven, Boeing 737, and A320. Richard divides his time between light aircraft flying in North Wales and working as a consultant Airbus Training Captain in the southeast of England.

Gift Vouchers

A Snowdonia Flight School voucher makes a wonderful gift and you can purchase vouchers from our online store or by calling us on 01341 429252 and we will simply post or email if you prefer your voucher and associated information.

The Snowdonia Flight School voucher offers a combined birds eye view of our breathtaking North Wales scenery with the wonders of aviation. The scenery in North Wales offers you the visual feast of stunning coastlines, multiple impressive towering mountain ranges and many historical monuments that dominate our history. You get the opportunity to fly in superbly maintained aircraft with excellent visibility and you are guided by experienced and qualified pilots/instructors who have your safety as their primary concern at all times.
The flight experience is undertaken in our Robin DR400 aircraft. The voucher is for the flight and the flight can be enjoyed by up to 2 persons, one observing from the back seat with an opportunity to take pictures of the experience and the person in the front gets to fly the aircraft under qualified instruction if they wish.

Our aerobatic experience flights will soon be available and if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then forget about your theme parks, this is for you. Qualified pilots will provide an experience whereby you can enjoy performing loops, rolls, spins and more under controlled conditions in our superbly restored Super Decathlon. The Super Decathlon is a TailWheel aircraft in immaculate condition and designed for aerobatics, its rare to find such an aircraft in Europe never mind the UK and a throwback to the days when aircraft like Hurricanes and Spitfires were the TailWheel aircraft ruling the skies.

The flight simulator experience has always received excellent feedback and allows you to experience different aircraft, flying wherever you want to fly and the weather is not a factor you need to be concerned about! We have a real Piper cockpit with a massive curved screen, state of the art controls and more software than Bill Gates could handle! Its all about providing you an immersive experience and having fun.

If you want a custom bespoke experience then please call us on 01341 429252 and we can work with you to tailor the experience to your needs and wishes.

Car Hire

We also offer the use of a car for incoming pilots, visitors or people needing to rent a vehicle.
The car is a 2 seater automatic 1.0 Smart car located at the Snowdonia Flight School and is available for booking through turo.com

Welcome to Snowdonia Flight School

The Snowdonia Flight School is located at Llanbedr in North/Mid Wales situated near the popular visitor destinations of Harlech, Barmouth, Porthmadog and Portmeirion. The airfield is superbly maintained by Snowdonia Aerospace Ltd and offers outstanding facilities, we have three wonderfully long, wide and flat paved runways and a FISO service is provided during weekdays. The flight school provides flight experience flights and introductory flights for people new to aviation that wish to experience the excitement of flying whilst soaking up one of the most wonderful scenic parts of the world with stunning coastline, beautiful estuaries, magnificent castles and splendid mountain ranges including Snowdon, Cadair Idris and the Rhinog mountain range.

Snowdonia Flight School is a fully equipped flight school and provides students expert training to achieve their pilots license(LAPL or PPL), subsequent ratings (Aerobatic, Instrument) and differences training (Complex and TailWheel). We offer flight training packages to suit every budding private pilot; This can vary from intensive residential courses, or learning at a more leisurely pace to fit around your work commitments with our professional instructors. We offer outstanding ground school tuition to get you through your examinations with minimum fuss or anxiety and above all make your learning experience fun. The school also boasts a state of the art flight simulator, allowing customer and students to fly and learn when the weather is not conducive to flying. We have three well equipped aircraft in superb condition; Two Robin DR400 aircraft with amazing viewing capability and the fully aerobatic tailwheel Super Decathlon aircraft. The Super Decathlon is also highly suited for persons who want to experience the excitement and exhilaration of dancing in the skies undertaking aerobatic moves such as the loop, barrel roll, aileron roll etc.

Whether you are wishing to learn how to fly or fancy taking to the skies to experience wonderful views coupled with the excitement of aviation please browse the website, its full of useful information! Then come over to see us for cup of tea and a chance to gather further information, we guarantee a warm welcome.