Prices include fuel, base landing fees and VAT.

Aircraft: Robin DR400/140 Major, DR400/180 Regent, Super Decathlon, Rockwell Commander 114B


Student/Dual60 mins£275
Student/Dual45 mins£230

No Landing or Circuit Fees are added.

Flight Experiences

Flight ExperienceDurationCost
Llyn Peninsula*45 mins£230
Snowdon*60 mins£275
Aerobatic Flight30 mins£270
New Commander Flight60 mins£400
*These are example routes, we fly where you wish to go, weather permitting. Customers who would like to be in a party of three or where the individual weights are 16 stone or higher are advised to book flights in the Rockwell Commander.

Aircraft Rental

New GBBAY Robin DR400/140 Major £225

Car Hire

We also offer the use of a car for incoming pilots, visitors or people needing to rent a vehicle.
The car is a 2 seater automatic 1.0 Smart car located at the Snowdonia Flight School and is available for booking through

Bike Hire

Snowdonia Flight School offers a range of bicycles to hire. The daily rate to hire a high specification road bike is £30 and £35 for the electric bicycle.
Prices include: helmet and lock.
Means of identification is essential and must be left with the flight school for the duration of hire.

Riders ride at their own risk.

Ground School

Ground Lectures (per hour)£50
Flight Simulator Experience (per hour)£75
Ground Examinations (per exam)£35
Logbook Check & Currency SigningAvailable on request

Gift Vouchers

A Snowdonia Flight School voucher makes a wonderful gift and you can purchase vouchers from our online store or by calling us on 01341 429252 and we will simply post or email if you prefer your voucher and associated information.

The Snowdonia Flight School voucher offers a combined birds eye view of our breathtaking North Wales scenery with the wonders of aviation. The scenery in North Wales offers you the visual feast of stunning coastlines, multiple impressive towering mountain ranges and many historical monuments that dominate our history. You get the opportunity to fly in superbly maintained aircraft with excellent visibility and you are guided by experienced and qualified pilots/instructors who have your safety as their primary concern at all times.
The flight experience is undertaken in our Robin DR400 aircraft. The voucher is for the flight and the flight can be enjoyed by up to 2 persons, one observing from the back seat with an opportunity to take pictures of the experience and the person in the front gets to fly the aircraft under qualified instruction if they wish.

Our aerobatic experience flights will soon be available and if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then forget about your theme parks, this is for you. Qualified pilots will provide an experience whereby you can enjoy performing loops, rolls, spins and more under controlled conditions in our superbly restored Super Decathlon. The Super Decathlon is a TailWheel aircraft in immaculate condition and designed for aerobatics, its rare to find such an aircraft in Europe never mind the UK and a throwback to the days when aircraft like Hurricanes and Spitfires were the TailWheel aircraft ruling the skies.

The flight simulator experience has always received excellent feedback and allows you to experience different aircraft, flying wherever you want to fly and the weather is not a factor you need to be concerned about! We have a real Piper cockpit with a massive curved screen, state of the art controls and more software than Bill Gates could handle! Its all about providing you an immersive experience and having fun.

If you want a custom bespoke experience then please call us on 01341 429252 and we can work with you to tailor the experience to your needs and wishes.